Tuesday, 10 April 2007

2 new world class universities

The Head of State received president of the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research Chan Young Bang.

Projects on establishing new universities of world class in Astana and Almaty were discussed during the meeting.

- I submitted detailed recommendations how such a university can be established in Kazakhstan. I am going to support mister President, - Chan Young Bang said at a press briefing for journalists.


Глава государства принял президента Казахстанского института менеджмента, экономики и прогнозирования Чан Йан Бэнга.

Во время встречи были обсуждены проекты создания университетов мирового уровня в Астане и Алматы.

- Я представил на рассмотрение Президента детализированные рекомендации относительно того, каким образом подобные университеты могут быть созданы в Казахстане, - сказал на брифинге для журналистов Чан Йан Бэнг.



Anonymous said...

My former colleagues tell me that there is another "internal investigation" going on at KIMEP. If it's anything like the one Rahman and Simpson did last year, people are going to be fired on trumped up charges. Rahman would like to replace many of the Western faculty with people more to his liking.

Michael McHugh

Anonymous said...

> Yerzhan Bilyalov
> Vice-President of External Affairs
> April 30, 2007
> Dear Members of the KIMEP Community,
> I have notified the President of KIMEP that I would resign as
> Vice-President
> of External Affairs as of May 1, 2007. Working closely with all parts
> the
> KIMEP Community and its friends and partners, and especially with our
> remarkable students, has been one of the great joys of my
> life.
> However, I have reluctantly concluded that the rifts between me and
> of
> KIMEP senior managers make it infeasible for me to advance the agenda
> integrity and a positive management style that I see as crucial to
> future. I believe, therefore, that it is best for the Institution to
> new
> leadership for the Vice-President position.
> I will treasure the continuing friendship and support of so many
> exceptional
> colleagues and students at KIMEP. I will always be grateful for the
> opportunity to have served as KIMEP's Vice-President for more than
> years.
> With appreciation,
> Yerzhan Bilyalov
> PS. I will be available on e-mail: yerzhan.bilyalov@gmail.com

Valarie said...

This is great info to know.