Thursday, 15 March 2007

Letter from SG on tuition increase

Dear Mr. Wood:

First of all, we would like to thank you for your support of our initiatives and for
understanding the importance of collaboration between students and the Administration
on issues vital to building the best future for KIMEP.

Being elected by the student body to represent their interests, we feel a deep
responsibility to the students who voted for us and the students opinions we

Per our latest discussion during KIMEP Council meeting, it was agreed that we take
additional time to analyse the Administration's decision to raise tuition fees. Thus,
we kindly request that you provide us with the additional detailed information
necessary to explain the justification for the proposed tuition fee increase.
Explicitly, we are inquire after the following:

CAPEX: Could you please provide us more details on capital expenditures.
The figures indicated in the presentation do not tell us precisely how these funds
would be used. We are interested to see a detailed budget for each
renovation/construction project, which as indicated in your presentation is around
$4.3 mln for the coming year. In order to justify these amounts of capital investment,
we need information on the construction/renovation cost per sq.m. for each project
unit. This will give us something to analyse and present to the students. The
projects in question are as follows: the New BCB building, the Medical Center,
Classrooms and Offices, the Dormitory-5th Floor, the Admissions and Financial Aid
Office, and the Language Center.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Could you please provide us all past audited financial
statements. We would like to identify past trends and analyse KIMEP's historical
financial standing and cash flows.

REPORT ON EXTERNAL FUND RAISING: We would like to see what the Administration has been
doing to attract external funding for tuition directly as well as for capital
expenditures. We would like to see the past trends and future projections (i.e. what
has been done to attract funds in the past and what the plans are for the future).

Once our analyses is ready, we would like to make our findings publicly available to
the students. We would also like to gather more student input to inform any final
decisions. We strongly believe that the proposal for a tuition increase should be
widely circulated among the students as they will be the chief end-users of these
It's critical to understand what the consumers feel are their priority needs in order
to provide a quality product or service.

Thanks for your time, and we hope for your kind support.

Azamat, President of SG

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