Friday, 10 November 2006

Many expatriate faculty deserve to be fired

interesting discussion.

well. lett me tell you my point. i believe that many foreign professors deserve to be fired. because many of them are either rubbish those who can not find jobs in their own countries, or those who want to work in exotic countries and have a asian girlfriend or those who are just spies or missionaries. tell me, who will come here for 60K usd?Huh any decent professor from good western universities with phd will come here for no less than 100K! if this is a matter of compensation! and kimep definitely pays less than needed by market!

so its kimep's fault that there is high turnover among foreign faculty. and kimep has a wrong recruitment policy. before hiring someone, they should interview them, but not sign or discuss the contract without seeing the candidate. those who come here are usually academically weak, or pursue their own goals in this region. take anyone from foreigners, each has his own reason to come here, and teaching at kimep is their hobby, part-time activity!

kimep should pay more and attract good professionals instead of hiring rubbish from west. sorry for generalising, of course there are few exceptions!
finally its students who are end users and they should demand good and quality professors. students are paying enough to deserve good ones, and its their obligation to demand good instructors.

by the way, many local professors are good enough, better than westerners. students dont realise that "westerners" are not just better simply because they are foreigners. and finally, many "westerners" are just from bangladesh, or any other asian country, who experience difficulty to find jobs in their own countries. and thats it. students should demand administration to hire good professionals for good money, instead of allowing the admin to disburse their money for capital expenditures done by related party to kimep, i mean USKO. so students you are alone who are finally guilty of your own situation!

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